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Taking the Time to Grieve
What aspect of the grieving process is the most difficult?

Many people would agree that the length of time it takes is a constant source of frustration.  Many people tell me they thought they would be "over this" in a few months.  Others are discouraged by the fact that they have good days and bad days.  It is true that the process takes a long time.  One of the reasons why it takes so long is because there is a great deal to be accomplished on the journey through grief.  

What do you need to take the time to do? Read on...
Monuments Tell a Story
Monuments Tell a Story
The primary purpose of grave markers and monuments is to tell a story. Telling the story of the life of a loved one through a permanent memorial helps families create unique ways to honor the life that was lived and to acknowledge the importance of that loved one for generations to come.

The most important thing to understand is a monument can be as unique as the person it represents!

When Grief Goes Off the Road...
Have you ever been lost when you were on a road trip?
The journey through grief is fraught with many potential wrong turns. When we know what they are, it is easier to avoid them thus making our journey a bit easier. 

If you are thinking you may have gotten off track in your journey, it is never too late to get back
on the right road.

Learn seven of the things that may lead people 
down a wrong road on their journey through grief.
The Importance of Planning Ahead
Planning Ahead
Most of us enjoy planning birthday parties or anniversary celebrations, but we are not as interested in planning how we want to spend the last days of our lives.  Now may be a good time to think about this important issues and take the time to plan ahead by establishing your own Advance Medical Directives.

One of the most important documents that you can provide for your family and yourself is a living will or advance directives to define your wishes related to end-of-life care.

Learn more about the importance of understanding the purpose and value of each of the documents and how to prepare them effectively.

Download packet of documents and instructions for Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney. 
Download the Appointment of Representative for Disposition document. 
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